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Results / October 6, 2022 / by IMPACT Wrestling Staff

The action begins Before the IMPACT with an exclusive match!

Juice Robinson vs Alex Zayne

Alex Zayne seeks retribution on Bullet Club’s Juice Robinson! The first advantage goes to Robinson when he drives Zayne into the hardest part of the ring. Robinson continues the assault with a strong Irish whip into the corner. Zayne tries to build momentum with a head scissors but Robinson shuts him down with a jumping kick. Zayne finally creates some separation with a big clothesline, followed by a leg drop for two. Robinson drapes him across the ropes, then hits a Gutbuster for a near fall of his own. Both men exchange shots in the middle of the ring with Robinson gaining the upper-hand. Robinson gets his knees up on a Cinnamon Twist attempt. Moments later, Robinson hits the Rockslide to pick up the win!

Juice Robinson def Alex Zayne

#BeforeTheIMPACT starts NOW! Watch here:

The final stop on the road to Bound For Glory has arrived. Just 24 hours away from the biggest event of the year, an all-new IMPACT! is on the air.


Kenny King vs Frankie Kazarian

Before Frankie Kazarian challenges Mike Bailey for the X-Division Title tomorrow night at Bound For Glory, he must get through the man he pinned to become #1 Contender, Kenny King! Kazarian counters an early Royal Flush attempt into a strong clothesline. King avoids a leg drop on the apron, then hits a slingshot crossbody to the outside. Kazarian turns the tide with a belly-to-belly suplex into the corner turnbuckles. Kazarian hits the springboard leg drop for two. King drives him face-first into the turnbuckle, then connects with a T-Bone suplex out of the corner. King almost puts Kazarian away with the Tiger Driver but it’s still not enough. Kazarian locks in a choke to win by submission!

Frankie Kazarian def Kenny King

BEAUTIFUL Dive from @KennyKingPb2!#IMPACTonAXSTV

.@KennyKingPb2 just dropped @FrankieKazarian directly on his head and followed it up with a TIGER DRIVER! #IMPACTonAXSTV

With over 20 years of history, we take a look back at the rich history of the X-Division by the numbers.

.@SpeedballBailey puts his X Division title on the line against @AEW superstar @FrankieKazarian TOMORROW NIGHT at #BoundForGlory! Check out the X FACTORS! #IMPACTonAXSTV

IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander defends his title against the leader of Honor No More, Eddie Edwards, in the main event of Bound For Glory.

.@Walking_Weapon vs @TheEddieEdwards for the IMPACT World Championship goes down TOMORROW NIGHT at #BoundForGlory! Order on @FiteTV: or!

Gisele Shaw vs Mia Yim

Mia Yim looks to teach Gisele Shaw a lesson in respect ahead of their respective matchups at Bound For Glory! Yim’s BFG opponent, Mickie James, joins Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary. Yim gains the early advantage with a Hurricanrana, sending Shaw retreating to the outside. Shaw hangs her up on the top rope, then soars with a corkscrew to gain the advantage. Shaw hits a draping DDT for two. Both Knockouts are down following a head-on collision in the middle of the ring. Yim hits a running cannonball but Shaw grabs the ropes to break the pin attempt. Yim puts her away with Eat Defeat!

Mia Yim def Gisele Shaw

Draping DDT from @GiseleShaw08!#IMPACTonAXSTV


After the match, James leaves commentary and goes face to face with Yim. If James loses tomorrow night at Bound For Glory, her career will be over.

.@MickieJames and @MiaYim are FACE TO FACE ahead of their match TOMORROW NIGHT at #BoundForGlory! Order on @FiteTV: or

The IMPACT roster declares victory in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet where the winner will earn a title shot of their choosing, any time, any place.

The Call Your Shot Gauntlet RETURNS TOMORROW NIGHT at #BoundForGlory! Order on @FiteTV: or

Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans blindside Killer Kelly and vow to exact their revenge in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet.

.@Kelly_WP was calling her shot until @SavannahEvansNV and @RealTSteelz SHUT IT DOWN! #IMPACTonAXSTV

Digital Media Champion Brian Myers scopes out his potential competition for when he hosts an open challenge tomorrow night on Countdown to Bound For Glory.

.@Myers_Wrestling has all kinds of people to look out for TOMORROW NIGHT on the #CountdownToBoundForGlory when he puts his Digital Media Championship on the line in an OPEN CHALLENGE! Get @IMPACTPlusApp:

Two of the most intense and unrelenting Knockouts of all time collide when Jordynne Grace defends the Knockouts World Title against the undefeated Masha Slamovich at Bound For Glory.

Two of the most UNSTOPPABLE Knockouts in @IMPACTWRESTLING go HEAD TO HEAD at #BoundForGlory! @mashaslamovich vs @JordynneGrace for the Knockouts World Championship! Order on @FiteTV: or

Moose vs Steve Maclin – Special Guest Referee: Sami Callihan

Following Steve Maclin’s victory in Barbed Wire Massacre, Moose and Maclin aim to settle their differences once and for all with Sami Callihan as the Special Guest Referee! The bell rings and the fight is on as these two behemoths exchange strikes. Maclin dives to the outside with a SCUD Missile. Moose turns the tide with a vertical suplex on the floor. Moose remains in control as he hits a strong Irish whip into the corner. Moose takes Maclin off his feet with a big running boot, which Callihan approves of. Moose sends him throat-first into the rope but Maclin comes back with a clothesline. Moose is Caught in the Crosshairs but Callihan employs a slow count. Now it’s Moose who connects with Sky High but Callihan is too preoccupied to make the count. Moose spears Maclin out of his boots but instead of counting to three, Callihan take them both out with a pair of Cactus Drivers. Callihan pulls Maclin on top of Moose for the win!

Steve Maclin def Moose – Special Guest Referee: Sami Callihan

.@SteveMaclin takes @TheMooseNation out with a dive but is clearly still dealing with the effects of Barbed Wire Massacre! Maclin is busted open! #IMPACTonAXSTV

Disgusting actions from @TheMooseNation! 🤮#IMPACTonAXSTV

.@TheSamiCallihan just gave both @TheMooseNation & @SteveMaclin CACTUS DRIVERS! #IMPACTonAXSTV

After the match, Calihan raises Maclin’s hand in victory as all three men turn their attention towards the Call Your Shot Gauntlet tomorrow night at Bound For Glory.

Jason Hotch wins a game of rock, paper, scissors for a chance to enter the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Unfortunately for him, Joe Hendry walks out of Scott D’Amore’s office and reveals that he’s secured the final spot!

.@joehendry WILL MOTIVATE the CALL YOUR SHOT GAUNTLET TOMORROW NIGHT at #BoundForGlory! Order on @FiteTV: or

Swingerellas (Swingerella #1 & Swingerella #2) w/ Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice vs Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka) w/ Rosemary

Taya Valkyrie and Jessicka tune up for their Knockouts World Tag Team Title opportunity against VXT tomorrow night at Bound For Glory! Taya whips Jessicka into the corner as she collides with Swingerella #2. Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green are seen watching on from the back. Jessicka hits the Sickishi Driver on Swingerella #2 to win!

Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie & Jessicka) w/ Rosemary def Swingerellas (Swingerella #1 & Swingerella #2) w/ Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice


Gia Miller asks VXT if their reign as Knockouts World Tag Team Champions is in danger. Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green quickly dismiss the idea, claiming victory in their title showdown.

.@MeanGiaMiller caught up with @ImChelseaGreen & @DeonnaPurrazzo to get their thoughts on @thetayavalkyrie and @FearHavok before they battle TOMORROW NIGHT at #BoundForGlory! Order on @FiteTV: or

IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Matt Taven w/ Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis vs Alex Shelley w/ Chris Sabin

Before the Motor City Machine Guns challenge The Kingdom for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship at Bound For Glory, momentum is up for grabs in singles action! Taven goes for an early Climax but Shelley counters and sends him retreating to the outside. Bennett trips up Shelley from the floor but Sabin returns the favor to Taven. Kanellis distracts the referee, but Taven misfires and hits his own partner with a dropkick. Shelley hits his signature penalty kick to the back of Taven, followed by a running shoulder tackle. Taven rakes the eyes, then connects with a series of backbreakers for two. Shelley avoids a springboard Moonsault and begins to fight back. Taven shuts him down with a successful springboard Moonsault. Shelley hits Sliced Bread out of the corner but Kanellis puts Taven’s foot on the ropes. Shelley gets his knees up on Aurora Borealis and rolls up Taven for a very close near fall. The match breaks down following a string of interference from Honor No More but Taven still can’t put him away. Shelley hits Shellshock to score the victory!

Alex Shelley w/ Chris Sabin def IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Matt Taven w/ Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis

.@fakekinkade had @MattTaven beat but thanks to @MariaLKanellis the match CONTINUES! #IMPACTonAXSTV

The Machine Guns STAND TALL! Could we have NEW @IMPACTWRESTLING Tag Team Champions TOMORROW NIGHT at #BoundForGlory!@fakekinkade @SuperChrisSabin Order on @FiteTV: or

This Friday at 8pm ET, don’t miss the biggest event of the year as IMPACT Wrestling presents Bound For Glory LIVE on pay-per-view. Josh Alexander defends the IMPACT World Title against Eddie Edwards. Masha Slamovich challenges Jordynne Grace for the Knockouts World Title. The Kingdom put their IMPACT World Tag Team Titles on the line against the Motor City Machine Guns. AEW’s Frankie Kazarian challenges Mike Bailey for the X-Division Title. VXT defend the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles against the Death Dollz. Mickie James’ Last Rodeo continues as she squares off against Mia Yim. Plus, 20 competitors compete in the high-stakes Call Your Shot Gauntlet for a title shot of their choosing, any time, any place!

The action begins at 7:30pm ET on Countdown to Bound For Glory streaming LIVE & FREE on IMPACT Plus and YouTube. Brian Myers defends the Digital Media Title in an open challenge. Plus, Raven will be inducted into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame!

Following his interview with Tom Hannifan on Outside the Ropes, IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander is confronted by Eddie Edwards. After the commotion is broken up by security and members of IMPACT management, Alisha approaches her husband, Eddie. Alisha tells him that the message he’s trying to send has gone too far. Either it ends, or they do.

.@TheEddieEdwards confronted @Walking_Weapon after his interview with @TomHannifan on OUTSIDE THE ROPES… But he had bigger problems when @MrsAIPAlisha confronted HIM with an ultimatum!!! Order on @FiteTV: or

Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace & Masha Slamovich Sign the Contract for Bound For Glory

IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore facilitates the contract signing for the Knockouts World Championship match between Jordynne Grace and Masha Slamovich at Bound For Glory. The champion and challenger make their way to the ring and sit across from each other at the table. When asked to deliver a final address, Slamovich remains silent and signs the contract. Grace does have something to say, however, and tells Slamovich that while she may be undefeated, she’s not a two-time Knockouts World Champion, former Knockouts World Tag Team Champion and first-ever Digital Media Champion. That makes Grace the first Knockout ever to become a Triple Crown Champion. Grace says that Slamovich has never had the opportunity to learn from losing and at Bound For Glory, she’s going to teach her that difficult lesson. Slamovich utters “Masha’s going to kill you” in Russian before flipping the table on top of Grace. Slamovich Snowplows Grace through the table and stands tall to end the show.

The Knockouts World Champion @JordynneGrace is HERE and has STRONG words for @mashaslamovich! Order on @FiteTV: or

"Masha is gonna KILL you!"#IMPACTonAXSTV

.@mashaslamovich just sent @JordynneGrace a message on #IMPACTonAXSTV! Order #BoundForGlory on @FiteTV: or!#IMPACTWRESTLING

The final IMPACT! before Bound For Glory goes off the air.

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