One of Twin Falls' most popular gun stores is moving; but not far

2021-11-13 01:33:31 By : Mr. Jeff Xie

Quick Response Firearms is one of the newest firearm shops in Twin Falls. It is locally owned and operated. There are some very magical things in them. The stores are changing locations, but they will not move very far.

They are now located behind Albertsons next to the liquor store on Blue Lakes Blvd. The shop is small, but it is full of some great things. If you have been near the complex recently, you may have noticed a sign with the Quick Response Firearms logo on the front of the complex. They will move to the front of the building. In fact, as we said, they are moving something.

I'm not sure when the new store will open. I do think that their new location, although not far from the previous location, will do wonders for their business. If you don’t know that Quick Response Firearms are there, you can drive by easily, or you don’t even know it exists. Now, their new storefront will face Addison Avenue with a large welcome and eye-catching sign.

The business actually only started online and has continued to develop thereafter. If you have been there, you will know that the people there are the best, most knowledgeable and interesting people on the planet. They are also great salespeople. Almost every time I walk in, I walk out with a new toy.

The new store has not yet opened, so please continue to the original location.