"Battlefield 2042" review is in progress: so far, too disappointing

2021-11-13 01:32:25 By : Ms. Sandy Guo

Battlefield portal may be the only dawn for franchise fans

The Battlefield series has always been the fun of finding yourself. This is very important, because with "Battlefield 2042", it feels that the game itself is trying to stay away from the game as much as possible, providing a game full of strange new systems, and it feels that they have been forcibly stuffed into a franchise. Really, They are not needed.

This is a review under review. After playing the game on the live server on the weekend and experiencing the things provided by the community, there will be an official score, because the private (digital) game time is 12-15 hours before the game review held by EA There is not enough time for the event to explore all that 2042 has to offer. However, based on the games I have played so far, it is hard not to regard "Battlefield 2042" as one of the biggest disappointments of the year.

When the game is running-occasionally, even though it will run-it is hard not to enjoy the pure "battlefield sense" of the entire experience. When you pass by the enemy in a hovercraft, you and your friends giggle together, and your squad It fired at the approaching infantry.

When it gets rid of these strange additions, you can play the classic career-based battlefield in the battlefield portal, and it works. It is really effective.

The most heinous crime is the removal of occupations and loading systems and replacing them with experts. These experts are roughly divided into old categories: for example, McKay, a character equipped with a grappling hook and baseball cap, is enough to appear in the succession episode, technically speaking, it is a commando. However, every expert can equip every weapon, gadget and equipment.

Therefore, McKay is not a real commando. He is a grappling hook, so anyone who wants to use it can play him, whether it is equipped with an assault rifle, a light machine gun, or anything else. This means that career-based multiplayer games that are the core of the battlefield have been eroded by this, because each battle will have 30 people with grabs, and they are usually equipped with a toolkit designed to provide them with what they need Things: Snipers on nearby mountains can now carry ammunition with them to replenish themselves until the universe heats to death. Suddenly, instead of a group of people rushing forward, the ammunition carriers throw away the supplies, and the medical staff follow at the end to resurrect the fallen players. You have 128 different players (64 on the previous generation of game consoles). Busy doing my own thing.

Each operator in the game has its own abilities, but most of them are inconspicuous. One character has a big shield-currently under construction, we are playing with a completely broken collision box, making him indifferent to anything except high explosives-for pushing in, another character has one A small medical gun can treat people at a distance. In other places, the character can lower the turret or establish expandable cover. Is this why we lost the class system? It feels very unnatural, like the battlefield itself is trying to get rid of the hero shooting cloak that EA puts on it.

The hero seems to have been added for the new title mode "Danger Zone", which borrows the idea of ​​escaping from Tarkov, but is too simplistic and makes the situation so complicated that it becomes a frustrating exercise. You will queue up with four people, then use your points to purchase loads, then enter the repurposed multiplayer map, try to fight against the data drive with several other squads, and AI provides a tiny speed bump for your plan.

Put these into the helicopter hovering around the map, and you will withdraw and get a lot of points and refunds for your belongings. Die... According to our experience, it is very likely that you have lost everything so far.

It's too complicated compared to the usual explosive fares in battlefields, and I'm not sure if it's worth adding here. Death comes very quickly, because the killing time is very short, you can basically avoid being caught and separated by two groups of people. The difficulty is that when you smash it and win, you will only get slightly larger points. On the other hand, when you lose, you have to re-enter through a large number of different screens and administrators. So when you win you have nothing, but when you lose it is painful.

Generally speaking, to cross the danger zone and the operators, you have to fight several other systems that seem strange: weapon customization is awkward. You can change the content on the fly in the game, and the menu for selecting these content is very old.

The shining light at the moment seems to be the battlefield portal, it is good enough to make the game almost worthwhile. In theory—maybe this is true, we will conduct more experiments over the weekend—Battlefield Portal allows you to make your own game modes. We have to try it in a weird free way in all game modes, it looks good, and the community will use it for many things.

In fact, it contains a semi-complete remake of Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. The feeling of Battlefield 1942 is like I remember the feeling of Battlefield 1942. The 2042 engine provides graphic grunts and makes the sand rise.

Once again, "Bad Company 2" is flawless: it is a solid remake that mimics the actions of "Bad Company 2", so without the ability to lie on your stomach, you can no longer shoot to the sides. The only disappointing part is that it is not a complete remake because it feels like the best part we have played so far.

Unfortunately, these are still interesting at this stage, it just throws up some questions

The worst part-at this stage-is that Battlefield 2042 is the game that appeared, not a complete remake of Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. All these feelings are as good as before, and it is easy to fight side by side with today's shooters.

I hope that, freed from the limitations of EA review activities, Battlefield 2042 will come to life and achieve the magic of the series, but at the moment it is too busy blocking its own way. We will conduct a full review in the next few days.

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