Toy Box: The Best Holiday Toys for Children, Babies, Teenagers and Families in 2002

2021-11-13 01:33:37 By : Mr. Flank Ye

Somehow, this holiday feels to begin earlier than ever before-maybe it's just that this year we need this magic and cheer more than usual! In order to make the ubiquitous little faces shine, Romper is happy to launch the toy box, which is our best toy of the year for children of all ages. Each item listed below was carefully planned by our parenting editorial team and our toughest critics, our children. Whether you want to fill sacks with things to enlarge, wink, sing and hug, or are determined to find a special toy that your child will treasure forever (or at least until next year), you will find more than 100 winners here.

Now we know that even Santa Claus is not 100% correct, but if all of our own children's research time (read: playing) and smiles show any signs, we think we have almost done it.

We only include products independently selected by the Romper editorial team. However, if you purchase products through the links in this article, we may receive a portion of the sales.

What gift should I give the baby? The best baby toys can attract their attention for more than two seconds, age-appropriate, fun but not overly exciting. The toys in this group look comfortable and will activate the baby’s brain in more than one way: a Disney-themed recycling truck will help them practice fine motor skills, a kind of book based on Mo William’s pigeon. A pop-up toy series featuring famous birds will teach Baby causality, and a simple selfie camera with rabbit doodles will arouse a lot of laughter from children.

This is a durable toy that provides endless ways to play. Divide this friendly-looking robot into three parts. Each part serves as an independent toy with its own unique functions (marbles, click knobs, lights, spinners, etc.). Stacked up, the toy becomes a mobile robot that can sing, dance and play games. It is specially designed for babies as young as 6 months old and allows most children under 5 years of age to have fun.

You may have seen stacked rainbow toys before, but these toys are made of silicone, so they are lightweight and dishwasher-safe. It does not contain BPA, PVC, latex and phthalates, and you don't have to worry about it being used as an impromptu teething gum. It can be regarded as Baby's first puzzle and a modern stacking toy suitable for Instagram babies. If the soft atmosphere is not suitable, it can also be used in the classic ROYGBIV palette.

At this age, children can really benefit from toys with multiple senses, and they will definitely start to express their preferences (if they haven't already). We have a musical instrument suitable for people who like music, an activity board, for those who take the first step, it can double as a walker, a splashing tabletop water station small enough to be placed in a bathtub, etc. Wait. For CoComelon fans (ahem, every kid in this age group), interactive dolls may become their best new friends, and Peppa fans will like to spin with their favorite sitting posture decorated with British pigs, even if they take a while To figure out how to use it. Once they have done this, please note: they never want to let go.

Fans of CoComelon will surely fall in love with this new interactive JJ doll, which will repeatedly play songs and phrases they know, love and listen to. JJ doll can take off his clothes (so creative children can put him on another toy or their own clothes), he also carries a spoon and a bowl of "magic" peas. The little guys can cleverly place the spoon on JJ's mouth and watch the peas disappear to feed JJ. When they put the spoon back in the bowl, the spoon will be refilled with more vegetables to feed JJ.

Hape Magic Touch Piano was manufactured in collaboration with Baby Einstein and was part of the first musical instruments (drums and guitars are also provided), designed to introduce music to babies and toddlers. There are several ways to play: as a traditional piano or accompanying song cards, to teach children how to follow the music by recognizing colors instead of actual notes. The keyboard can also recognize individual song cards and play advanced versions of tunes when prompted.

Children of this age really start to let their personality shine. Your special recipient may be very content to sit quietly next to the popper on XL's fingertips (and honestly, the same is true). Or they may be the type that is always on the move and can really benefit from a ridiculously gilded balance bike or a stationary hunting truck designed for rock climbing. Maybe their favorite person (except you, of course) is a friendly postman. These toys answer all these personalities and so on.

There is no doubt that in the past 19 months, basic workers have been superheroes in real life. Now, your kids can use this rideable USPS® delivery truck from Kid Trax to take the imaginative superhero game to a whole new level. Designed for children aged 3-5 (weighing up to 60 pounds), this single rider is equipped with a mailbox and three envelopes. Not included: cute official children's postman costume, but you can get it from the official website of USPS.

This talking Blippi doll wants to help children perfect the art of preparation. He has available sling snaps, zipper jackets, buttons on shirts and shoes (hooks on one foot, laces on the other) to help kids practice in a cute way These milestones.

It is difficult for you to keep your children away from these toys. They are the kind of gifts that everyone-even adults-would like to have a chance to play, or at least watch fascinatingly. A koala with arms around will definitely appear on the dining table; children will enjoy hours of screenless fun in one of the many multi-storey dollhouses, theme parks and hero bases; and there are many STEAM kits to teach curious children Understand the basics of how things work.

As far as interactive stuffed animals are concerned, you can't really beat this price point. For only $25, you can get the sweetest and cutest toy for the most special child in your life. This cute "blushing" koala giggled, cooed, snuggled and hugged when being pets. Feed it some fake eucalyptus and it will fart. Lean it against your arm and it will hold it tightly (like a real koala climbing on a tree) and rub you with its face.

Chuckle & Roar hired an occupational therapist to design activities for this sensory box, which really provided hours of entertainment, including sand, letters, plastic bugs, tweezers, crumpled paper, water drops, etc. Kids will love digging in the trash can and doing various suggested activities over and over again (50!), as well as becoming hooligans and coming up with some fun ways to play on their own. All the pieces can be put back in the blue trash can.

At this age, interactive toys, surprise toys and technology products can't go wrong. Children will enjoy playing with various interactive animals, taking and printing photos of their favorite things, and collecting surprise dumplings, small toys, etc. Some children may just like to hug things, such as rose-scented dolls or panther plush. Either way, there is something for animal lovers, technology lovers, musicians, up-and-coming artists, etc.

This sturdy instant camera is more than just a camera device. Children can take photos and paste one of more than 100 interesting filters or effects on it, and then print them out in black and white for sharing or color, or both. The image is printed on a paper roll that can hold approximately 80 photos. When children are bored, they can play one of dozens of games pre-loaded on the device, or print classic games (such as mazes or tic-tac-toe) to play in a simulated way. The camera also has a video recording function, you can insert a micro SD card to increase storage space.

Last year's "The Child" toy was so popular for good reasons-people were tired of Grogu's cute face, manners and voice, especially when it was translated into a lifelike doll. This year's interactive Grogu responded to a series of accompanying accessories (a bowl of purple tentacles, a beautiful French macarons, a variable speed knob and a spoon) and will express his happiness or dissatisfaction with each item. What's even more lovely is that-if it is possible-Grogu would raise his arms when he wanted to be picked up. Yes, like a child literally.

Tweening. You love them, but really, what should you give them? To be honest, cash may be the best, but some of us are not the type of money-giving, so there are a lot of cool, fun, and interesting gifts that will give you some well-deserved bragging rights.

Building this Pikachu composed of 806 pieces is only half the fun for brick lovers. After assembly, the 12-inch figure can be posed in a variety of ways (sitting, standing or on all fours) thanks to its movable arms, legs, tail and neck. The ears can also be manipulated in any position, instantly changing Pikachu's mood.

Meet Makena Williams, an American girl doll who not only avoids social injustice, but also confronts it. Her accompanying book "See Me, Hear Me, Know Me" tells the story of her experience of racial injustice and contains suggestions for solving real-life racism problems. This is a powerful tool that all children and adults should be equipped with, regardless of Where do they come from or where they come from looks like.

These family-friendly gifts are designed to keep children in touch with adults. From the classic cool version (Lego Harry Potter Chess, anyone?) and the hottest Instagram scrabble board, to the hottest console, these games and puzzles can bring the whole family together and compete one at a time round.

Mattel’s new Crossed Signals game really shows the competitive side. A series of simple lights instruct the player to move the controls in a specific way. This may not sound complicated, but it will quickly become busy and intense. Although it is marketed for children 8 years and older, once they see how interesting people are and how easy it looks, they will very much want to participate.

We have had a few months to perfect our puzzle skills, and if you know that a family has not brought their skills to the forefront of 3D, now is the time. This gradual sphere is difficult, but not impossible-it is a perfect activity for families who want to increase their relationship. Once completed, it will look great.

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