Resident Evil Village Bosses In Order To Play

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Unlike its predecessor game Resident Evil 7, which was focused on claustrophobic horror, Residential Evil Village is more about an action adventure with multiple ranges of characters, creatures, and bosses. There is, however, a horror aspect in village settings and character designs. After all, it’s Resident Evil.

With many mutant creatures to match the cynical settings of the game, you will encounter sinister creatures to psychotic villagers with their bizarre cults.

We will be considering bosses required for story progression. So beware, as this list contains major spoilers ahead. 

The game has many variations of bosses ranging from creepy to super powerful. You will encounter all the bosses and defeat them as you progress in the story of Resident Evil village. Below is the list of all the bosses you will encounter as you keep progressing until the end.  

You will encounter these three daughters in Castle Dimitrescu, where you have to kill all three of them one by one. They are chimeric mutant parasites from the Cadou research project and were later adopted as daughters of Dimitrescu. 

You will first encounter Bela on the lower floors of the castle. She will chase you until you end up in a room. You need to immediately break the window by shooting them down. Doing so will make her vulnerable to frost and take damage until she gets frozen.

You can find Daniela in the locked door near Lady Dimitrescu’s bedroom. Like Bela, you have to expose her to the cold by opening the roof window using the lever in one of the posts. With enough gunfire, she will too turn into ice, and you can blast her to receive Crystal Torso. 

The last one on the list is Cassandra. You can find her in the room by the Mask of Pleasure. You will need a pipe bomb to blow open the wall to expose her to the cold. Search around the room, and you will find a pipe bomb along with some ammo. Move the bookcase to reveal the crack on the wall where you can make a hole by using a pipe bomb. 

She will then continue to chase you. Gun her down until she turns into a statue and blasts her to get the Crystal Torso. 

After completing the puzzle, you will receive the dagger that you will plunge into Lady Dimitrescu’s body, and she will turn into a dragon. She will drag you to another castle rooftop where you fight with the hideous monster she has turned into. 

There are three phases to fighting the giant dragon. The first one is on the stairs, where she will chase you down and threaten to kill you. Just keep shooting her human shape sticking out if the dragon, and she will begin flying and doing aerial combat. 

At this phase, She will tackle you to the wall if you stay in the same position for too long. Shoot her down with a rifle when she stays in a fixed location during flight. After enough wreaking the castle’s walls, she will chase you up to the very top. Break every vase you see because they will contain ammo for your next fight. 

The third phase is head-to-head combat with the dragon Dimitrescu. Unload all the shotgun bullets at her leaving no room to attack. She will then drag you all the way down to the castle before vanishing into ashes. You will receive Crystal Dimitrescu after defeating her. 

Donna Beneviento has turned herself into a doll called Angie, and she is here to play hide and seek in the dolls’ house. The boss is unlike any other fight as you won’t have any weapons to fight against except one pair of scissors. 

Your task is to find an Angie doll as she hides among all the dolls in the house Beneviento. She will run and hide as you find and pick her up. This task of hiding and seeking ends at the third time when you finally kill Donna hiding inside the Angie doll.

There are ways to find Angie as she goes hiding the second and third time. You can see the bloodstain she will leave after you stab her with a pair of scissors. You will almost always find her upstairs in the baby room. She will either be on the ground or in the closet. 

The second location is the place where the hide and seek started. Go past the dining room, and you will see Angie on the ground beside the window. Once you stab her, she will push you and fly towards the next hiding place. 

The third location is the room at the end of the hallway where the elevator is attached. Look for the blood marks on the wall, and you will eventually reach where the doll is lying on the ground. 

Stabbing her three times in the brain will result in the death of Donna Beneviento. Upon killing her, you will get the unborn key that is to be combined with four winged keys. Don’t forget to pick up an Angie doll.

The first phase in Moreau’s boss fight is to jump from platform to platform to avoid getting drowned in the pool where he swims. There will be some floating debris and house rooftops where you can jump on. Moreau will be mostly jumping between those gaps trying to catch you mid-air. 

After draining the water from the reservoir, he begins to attack you, initiating a proper boss fight. He will chase you in a maze-like village, barfing poison at you. Moreau is slow, but he can lunge at you. Collect enough resources and ammo as you run away from Moreau. 

Dealing enough damage will initiate his second face, where he will rain down the acid and thick wall barriers which you can destroy. 

Moreau will have increased speed and will lunge at you from a distance. His body is built like a tank so hitting anything besides his inner human body does little damage. You can blast the explosive barrel to reveal his real body, place mine, or launch rockets at him to make him vulnerable to bullets. 

He will scuffle into the ground and explode into pieces after expanding from his belly. And now you have successfully defeated Moreau. 

Urias is derived from the Romanian word, which means giant. As his name suggests, He is a big giant carrying an oversized hammer to smash at you. He will jump right at you, chasing you in a compact arena. 

Urias is built as a tank and can hit heavy but is slow on speed. You can stagger him by shooting when he is about to plum his hammer at you. You can also use the pillars to your advantage to dodge his hammer attack. 

He will also summon some Lycans by jumping onto the middle platform of the arena. This will make the battle a little harder, but you can blow these guys with grenades or land mines. 

Use the pillar to circle around or run away from the giant; the trick is not to get cornered by him and get hit by his hammer. 

Once the beast is down, you will receive a Crystal Hammer worth 35000 Lei.

He is the Propeller head guy who is one of Heisenberg’s experimental subjects combined with mechanical components. Instead of a head and arms, he has a giant machine with a propeller in front. 

Sturm will charge you with his propeller head and break the loose wall standing between you. There are a lot of weak walls that can make the fight claustrophobic, but once he begins smashing them, the room will open up to a bigger arena. He will get stunned for a second if he slams into one of the ends of the room, giving you some time to shoot at his back; that is also his weak spot. 

After a lot of dashing, smashing, and shooting, he will rage into a hot machine of fire. He will then have additional attacks like fire breathing and run around the room full of fire. There will be ammo available at the room edge if you are out of ammo. You can also use mine for him to run straight at the mine. 

Keep shooting at his weak spot, and he will eventually break down. You will then receive a Complex mechanical heart from his broken pieces. 

Thanks to Heisenberg’s tank, it’s not that hard to kill the boss. In the first half, you will be controlling the tank equipped with machine guns, a grenade launcher, and a freaking chainsaw. After going up the elevator, you will reach an open arena where the battle against Karl Heisenberg will commence. 

He will use his magnetic power to build a machine to bring you down and defend himself with metal scraps. The tank is more agile and blocks his rotating blade attack with your chainsaw. You can pretty much move aside when he lunges forward to attack you. 

There are visual cues all around his mechanical body, which is considered a weak spot. Shoot the red glowing area around his arms to disable his attacks. After destroying both of his arms, he will then use his powers to knock off your tank, and now you have to bring him down with your guns. 

His movements are now slow and take much time approaching and attacking you. Maintain your distance and shoot its long head to stagger him. You need to survive at this phase and keep shooting him as you get the chance. Soon he will fall down, and you will receive Crystal Heisenberg worth seventy thousand Lei. 

You are in a hole with less maneuverability and a huge beast to defeat. The boss has a big spike mace that looks like the most dangerous weapon, but if you stay away from his swing attacks and block his overhead attacks, it’s pretty easy. 

As the area has less room to dodge his attacks, you can always block his attacks if you are unable to move away. The boss has a weak spot at his back; since it’s a tiny place, you can easily get his back and fire bullets at his weak area. 

Once the boss is down, you can pick up his crystal mace worth sixty thousand Lei. 

She is the final boss and the end of the Resident Evil village story. She has all the attributes a final boss should have. She is challenging, has various attacks that change as she goes from one phase to another, and keeps talking just like any other bosses in the game. 

She has a spider form and also has the ability to fly and attack you from the air. She will transform from spider to flying beast once you land enough hits. She will summon a giant pillar and rapidly shoot a fireball in your direction. You can dodge this by staying in the corner of one of those pillars.

Once you shoot her down, she will cover the area with darkness, allowing less visibility. She will perform a dash attack just like the previous one, but you won’t see them coming due to darkness.

Her final phase has her transform into all the previous beasts and will pin you down with her dark roots. She will then drop a large ball of fire that cannot be dodged. All you can do is shoot her down, and she will be out in no time. 

The end fight uses some cinematic cutscenes to incorporate the story during the fight. The thrilling fight finally ends, and the cutscene continues as you hold the baby in your arms. 

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