Itchy hand motivates Baltimore players to buy Ca$h bonuses and instant tickets and win $50,000

2021-11-16 21:37:49 By : Mr. Derek Lin

Baltimore, Maryland-A Baltimore mother who likes to play lottery scratch-offs has won many $500 prizes over the years, but has not reached the five-figure range. When "S. Point," when she claimed to be her big victory story, she revealed a prize of up to $50,000 in the Ca$h bonus game, and she could hardly contain her tears of joy.

The 42-year-old lady found her lucky instant ticket at Royal Farm #033 at 2050 Fleet Street, Baltimore. "S. Dot" favors the Royal Farms retailer because she prefers to buy scratch-offs from their lottery vending machines. When she entered the store, "S. Dot" said, her hands started to itch. She used this as a sign and purchased five scratch cards, including two Ravens scratch cards, two Ca$h Bonus scratch cards and a $30 game.

A game produced a $500 prize and "S. Dot" happily turned to her super lucky Ca$h Bonus instant ticket. She initially scraped off a small portion of the instant ticket and thought she had won $10,000. After another look, "S. Dot" has increased by $10,000 in three places.

"I started crying," said the happy winner. She immediately called her husband to share her news, and he couldn't believe it. She also shared the story of her victory with her mother and children. When asked about her winning plan, "S. Dot" said she plans to invest in it.

The Ca$h Bonus raffle started in August, and there are still many prizes left, including 5 top prizes of US$100,000 and another 5 prizes of US$50,000.

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