Clash of Clans: Supercell teases 10th Clashiversary with an Arcade

2022-07-30 07:51:21 By : Ms. Celia Yi

It’s crazy to think that Clash of Clans is almost 10 years old. Supercell’s free-to-play mobile strategy game may no longer have the player base it did when it first launched back in 2012, but there are still millions who enjoy it and it remains of the best strategy games available.

Clash of Clans officially turns 10 on August 2nd, which means Supercell is gearing up for the game’s 10th Clashiversary (aka anniversary). What sort of festivities can we look forward to?

Supercell hasn’t officially announced how we’ll be celebrating this year’s Clashiversary, but they did release a teaser this week that may contain some hints.

Seems like the last ̷̛̛̤̟̞̲͇̥̰̬̒̆̈́̀̽͑̒͌̎͝͝1̸̻͉̮̪̯̙͈̲̦̳̇͒̓͆̈́̊̍̀̂̈́̕̕͜͝0̵̡̢̡̲̝̫͙̫̫̠̤̐̈́̀̀͒̊̆̊̒͊͌̇͐͐̓̏͒́̒͑͗̃years went by in a flash. #Clashiversary

— Clash of Clans (@ClashofClans) July 26, 2022

The main takeaway here for me is the final 10-14 seconds of this video. We see the Barbarian in an old-school pixel arcade game. Although Supercell has expanded the Clash universe into multiple genres, I don’t think we’re getting another one in the form of an 8-bit arcade game.

Rather, I think this is a clue as to what next month’s special skin will be. Could we be getting arcade-themed skins in Clash of Clans? It’s a theory.

Beyond theories, Clashiversary usually brings an assortment of amazing deals, including limited-time rewards and various upgrade boosts. With Town Hall 15 presumably on the horizon, and possibly coming as soon as the Fall update, these boosts could help with your final push through Town Hall 14.

In the past, Supercell has offered a 1-Gem boost to speed up the resource production of your buildings. We’ll also likely see Daily Deals and Special Offers that you can purchase for both in-game currency and real money. This usually includes things like potions, runes, and books.

Clashiversary also usually introduces a special obstacle. These don’t really have an impact on your gameplay, but rather show people how long you’ve been playing. They also usually come in the form of Anniversary and we’ve already seen some leaks of what this year will look like. Apparently, when you tap the cake, a ceremonious barbarian will pop out.

We’ll also reportedly be getting two different statue decorations. The first, which has also been leaked, will be unlocked after getting 20-40 points in season challenges.

The second statue is reportedly tied to completing challenges, which could also be related to the arcade machine featured in the teaser above. It’s believed that completing the 10th-anniversary challenges will unlock this second statue.

I also want to point out there’s some weird text overlayed on the tweet above. I don’t even know where to begin with what that could mean.

With Clash of Clans’ 10th Anniversary on August 2nd, we should get official details for this year’s Clashiversary in the next few days.

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