20 Best Physics Games In 2022

2022-07-30 07:48:05 By : Mr. Adam Zheng

These days video games aren’t all about driving indestructible vehicles and jumping from the top of the building without any injuries. People want to experience the joy of getting hurt while facing life and death situations, even while playing a game.

These days almost every game incorporates physics in its gameplays. From simulating the crashing of vehicles to damage of explosives and bullets, it all comes down to implementing good physics mechanics in the game.

If you are searching for games that have taken full advantage of physics in their gameplays, here are the best ones that you should try.

Rainbow Six Siege is an online multiplayer FPS game that offers a thrilling and fast-paced experience with its short matches. It is one of the most played tactical shooter games that offers exciting gameplay for all kinds of playstyles. 

Whether you like going in there and shooting down your enemies or waiting for the enemy to appear before you, you can enjoy this game however you like. It features different characters known as operators, who have unique abilities that you can pick depending on how you want to play the game. 

The game features realistic physics, with operators being able to blast through walls by using explosives or set up a bullet-proof barrier.

Unlike in traditional tactical shooter games like CS: GO, there are various ways you can gain the upper hand in the battle. You can punch a hole in the wall or breach floors and ceilings to make a path; all for gaining an advantage in the battle.

It is the latest addition to the Sniper Elite franchise, which features lots of action and stealth mechanics. This edition of the game takes you to the outskirts of France to fight against the army of German Nazi soldiers.

Like previous versions of the game, this game also features some sick gameplay mechanics. It has plenty of campaign missions, and each of them is long enough to keep you engaged for hours. 

You get access to different weapons to take down your enemy and lots of time to strategize as well. You can go full commando mode and make everyone know of your presence or take them down one by one in silence. 

Physics also plays an important role when you’re sniping a target from far. You have to consider variables like distance, wind, and bullet drop when you want to take down a target that is sitting miles away from you.

This is a sandbox driving simulator game where you can drive all sorts of vehicles in a variety of open-world environments. I am not gonna lie; BeamNG has got some really good mechanics and physics when it comes to driving. It really makes you feel like you’re in the game, driving the vehicle. 

Whether you’re driving through the rocky mountains or getting hit by a truck, it all feels very realistic in this game. The driving mechanics feature real-world simulation, which allows you to experience what it’s like to drive each vehicle the game has to offer. 

And the damage model is out of the world, too, featuring insanely realistic damage based on how fast you’re traveling and what you’re crashing into. Once you get familiar with the gameplay of this game, you’ll never find other racing games interesting enough.

Human: Fall Flat is a very enjoyable game with some ridiculous physics. In the game, you control a human-like character with no face. Your job is to solve different puzzles and reach the end of the level. These puzzles aren’t very challenging, but it might take you a while to solve them because of the jelly-like physics of this game.

The level designs, walking animation as well as fall physics are all hilarious in this game. You won’t stop laughing once you start playing this game. It can be very entertaining to play this game, especially when you’re playing with some of your friends. 

This game supports up to 8 players in multiplayer online mode, so you can play this game with plenty of friends and laugh at the same time.

Crab Game is another game with weird physics and fun gameplay. It is a parody of a very popular Netflix show called Squid Game and contains mini-games that are featured on the show. It is an online multiplayer game that you can play with your friends or solo.

It is one of the funniest games you’ll ever play. The characters, graphics, physics, and gameplays are all so hilarious that you’ll be laughing most of the time, if not cursing other players instead of trying to win. Be warned, though, that people in this game aren’t well-spoken, so you’ll probably want to wear your headphones when you’re playing this game.

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox video game where you can do pretty much anything you can imagine. It also has some weird physics and game mechanics that will make you laugh all the way. This game gives you plenty of tools to make your own little playground and play the game as you like.

Garry’s Mod does not have pre-defined objectives and goals you need to complete. You can play this game as you like, at your own pace. There are tools that let you spawn a lot of things, such as vehicles, characters, and weapons, and place them wherever you want. 

You can take advantage of this and create different objects with your imagination. It has limitless possibilities if you really think about it.

Gang Beasts is another hilarious game with weird jelly physics and weird humanoid characters. It is a beat ’em up game where the main goal is to push the other team out of the hazardous arena. 

It is an online multiplayer game where you can play with people from all over the world in exciting yet funny matches. It has both campaign and online modes to choose from. However, the online mode is probably what everyone prefers. 

The online mode is a team-based game where you try to kick the opponent team out of the arena by kicking, pushing, grabbing, and throwing them out. Due to the weird physics system, the matches are very hilarious as there is mayhem throughout the arena.

SnowRunner is an off-road simulation game with beautiful graphics and real-world physics. In the game, you drive different kinds of heavy vehicles and deliver goods from one location to another though through harsh terrains and environments. It is one of the most challenging off-road simulation games out there.

The gameplay is basically delivering the cargo to the designated location. It is a simple game with a simple goal, but its environment is what makes this game so interesting. You need to drive through forests, snowy mountains, swamps, and rivers in order to get your job done. And when you complete a level, you go through all of that again in the next one.

The damage physics in this game is also very realistic. You actually need to drive your vehicle like you would drive your own vehicle. You need to make sure you’re not going too fast, drive extra carefully around dangerous areas as well as make sure you have enough fuel to complete the level.

Teardown is another sandbox-type game that is built with voxel objects. The game allows you to do pretty much everything that you want. It has some minor objectives to complete in each mission, but you are free to complete those missions in any way you want.

The goal is to basically steal things without getting caught. For that, you can strategize however you like. You can destroy buildings to make a path for you or drive different vehicles to find a faster path. But whatever you do, destruction is the main theme in this game, and whether you want to or not, you’re destroying a lot of things in this game.

The game becomes challenging once you steal the first item, which will trigger an alarm. And after the alarm has been triggered, you’ll only have one minute to steal everything else and escape. After a minute has passed, you’ll be caught, and the mission will end.

Portal 2 is such a great game in many ways. It is a puzzle-platform game created by Valve, and man, it feels so good every time I play this game. Whether you’re using your portal guns to travel through space or engaged in hilarious conversations between an evil AI and your robotic companion, every moment is filled with joy and thrills.

Portal 2 requires you to solve various puzzles using your portal guns. It is a challenging task to guess what you need to do in order to complete the puzzle. And you can use your portal guns in creative ways to think of a solution. It has very well-designed levels with a good physics system which will make you come back for more every time you play the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is probably the best flight simulator in the market right now. The flight simulation and graphics in this game are as real as it gets. You can literally take your plane and fly it anywhere in the world. 

The details in this game are very detailed and represent the structures of the real world. Also, the dynamic weather and day/night cycle adds another dimension to the game. Although it doesn’t have campaign missions, you can have lots of fun by setting up your own goals.

The physics in this game is also very realistic. Flying a plane in this game isn’t like in other games where you just use your arrow keys to control it. You need to take into account different variables such as weather, altitude, and wind pressure when you’re playing this game.

It is one of the most annoying and punishing games you’ll ever play. You might have seen many clips of people playing this game and raging like madmen on Youtube. Well, this game is exactly like that. It is hard and challenging yet very addicting.

You control a character whose half of the body lies inside a cauldron and carries a long hammer using your mouse. He uses his hammer to climb different structures and mountains. You can use the hammer to swing, jump and launch yourself. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, not when you’re playing the game.

The physics in this game is ridiculous and punishing. Your one mistake could make you lose all your progress, and you’ll be right back to the point from where you started. 

Call of Duty: Warzone is a hardcore battle-royale game that consists of up to 150 players in a single match. When there are this many people playing at the same time, things can go pretty crazy sometimes. The goal is to stay alive till all the players are dead and become the last man standing.

The battle starts when you jump off an aircraft and land on the ground. Then you scavenge the area for weapons and resources, kill any players that you see, and try to survive till the end. Although this game can be played solo, you probably want to queue as a squad as it gets very difficult when you’re alone.

Warzone contains various weapons and vehicles that you can find and use throughout the game. It has some of the most realistic graphics and physics in video games. The weapons all use physics and mechanics from the real world, which includes higher recoil when you’re shooting an enemy from far. You also need to adjust your aim if you’re using a sniper.

The vehicles, explosives, and parachutes also use real-world mechanics.

Poly Bridge 2 is a simple game where you build bridges to let vehicles pass from one point to another. But it can be quite tricky to build one which supports the weight of the vehicle as you have a limited budget for each level.

You have access to different types of materials that you can use throughout the levels. But these materials cost a certain amount of money, so you’ll only be able to use them as much as your budget allows.

The game also becomes significantly harder once you reach higher levels as heavier vehicles get introduced, and gaps between the river also increase. At a certain point, you’ll also have to use hydraulics to let ships pass by to avoid crashing.

Goat Simulator isn’t much of a game, but interesting things keep happening when you’re playing it. In the game, you play as a goat in a third-person perspective and do all sorts of crazy stuff. You can run, jump, drag objects around with your tongue, and bash into objects like a psychopath.

The game has weird physics, which gets weirder the longer you play the game. It is also very buggy, but the fact that it doesn’t crash no matter what you do makes it all worth it. There are various weird things you can spawn on the game, and they all have weird physics. 

One moment you’re jumping on a trampoline, doing all kinds of acrobats, while another moment, you’re on a rooftop, having a party with strangers. Things can only get crazier when you’re playing this game, and it is a lot of fun too.

Noita is another difficult but addicting indie game that takes its inspiration from Finnish mythology. In this game, your goal is to clear the levels in which literally everything is trying to kill you. From the environment to terrifying creatures, they can all kill you very easily, and you will die a lot of times as well.

And if that didn’t kill you, wait till you meet the bosses with ridiculous abilities that can end your life in ways that you can’t even imagine. From the moment you start the first level, you will experience death like it is your second job. But the world of this game is procedurally, so even if you die, you won’t be having the same run again.

Also, each level has different hidden items that you can find to get stronger. Finding these items can be nearly impossible, though. The game doesn’t tell you much about the gameplay, but considering how many times you’ll repeat a single level, you can pretty much expect to learn everything from experience.

SuperSmash is a fun little indie game that you can play with your friends to have some fun time. It is basically a stick fight game but on steroids. You control a stickman-like character and are dropped on various platforms along with your friends. The goal is to survive all the chaos and be the last one standing.

The platform may be different in each round and have different mechanics. There are also weapons that drop randomly, and you can use them to kill the enemies. And everyone besides you is your enemy in this game.

The game is very hilarious and fun to play, especially when you’re playing with your friends. The physics, graphics, mechanics, and character movements are all super funny, and you’ll be laughing every minute when you’re playing this game. 

As the name suggests, Stick Fight is a fighting game between stickmen. It is an online game where you’ll play as a stickman and fight against other players on a variety of levels. These stickmen can use some sick moves to attack their enemies and knock them out of the levels. And the last player remaining will win the level.

There are also various weapons that randomly drop from the sky. You can pick these weapons and kill other players with ease. But you need to be careful when you’re using these weapons because you can hurt yourself as well. 

The environments also change drastically as you move across levels, and various environmental hazards get added, making the game difficult as you move forward. One bad thing about this game is that it never ends once you start playing, so the only way to end it is to quit when you’re bored.

Forts is an RTS game where you build huge forts to defend yourself from the enemies while also building weapon systems to take them down. Both things are done concurrently, and you have to make sure you have enough resources to spend on both attack and defense.

On the surface, it just looks like a modern Worms game, but it has much more features than worms. You have a reactor at the center of your base that you must protect at all costs. Your objective is to destroy the enemy’s reactor before he destroys yours. 

You can use various weapons to attack your enemies, such as lasers, mortars, and missiles. You can also defend by building different building mechanisms. And the game gets more complex as time goes on where you have to collect resources and manage them for your upgrades. 

Besiege is a sandbox-type game where you can build anything as long as you can imagine it. The game provides you with a map, and you have to think of a way to clear it. The solution can be as easy as destroying a village or as hard as wiping out a whole enemy army.

The game gives you complete freedom to clear the level as you like. You can build a tank and blast your way through or build a completely new machine that just gets the job done. It also has nice aesthetics and visuals. 

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